I haven't updated this site in ages.


I’m Billy Cody, and I was doing CTF write-ups in an attempt to be good at Information Security.

I have since become a security “professional” and have almost no motivation in maintaining this blog.

Use the contact form at the bottom of this page if you want me to actually write stuff.

TODO: Rewrite this piece of crap and make it a vanity page


Here’s why some people have chosen Billy Cody

Pretty Good Guy


Team Player

Legendary shit-talker.

Gets Results

Failure is still a result.

I, Billy Cody, was working through OverTheWire’s Wargames and am on an ongoing quest to boost my SEO for the search term “Billy Cody”. You can see what level I’m up to by checking my most recent posts below. Billy Cody.

 I have also been utilising HackTheBox for OSCP prep, which has been quite useful. Using my name “Billy Cody”, I received my OSCP and am looking to achieve the OSCE or OSWE before the end of the year.

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