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My name is Billy Cody. I graduated in 2017 with Bachelor of IT, majoring in Applied Computer Science and Networking & Security. I graduated with distinction and was awarded the Faculty Medal.

I made this website mainly to keep track of my progress as I moved toward my end goal of become a professional penetration tester. I am now a penetration tester, so this site is now defunct. I update it now and then as the spirit grabs me.

My Experience


I have a working and theoretical knowledge of networks and operating systems. I’ve spent most of my life as an end-user of Windows, and was introduced to Linux as both a client and server during my degree. I’ve since become much more proficient at Linux than Windows, which is something I need to work on fixing.

I have a basic-intermediate knowledge of programming and scripting. I’m most comfortable with:

  • HTML and CSS (does this count as programming?)
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • BASH
  • C and C++
  • Python

I’ve also used Haskell, Go, and Prolog. I honestly hate them.

Oh yeah. PowerShell can suck it. Those who like PowerShell are allowed to have their opinion, but their opinion is wrong.

.NET is the devil.


My career started as the tech manager of a startup, which has mostly consisted of automating tasks with scripts and programs, as well as building/rebuilding websites and implementing software solutions to help scale. This has made me very aware of the kinds of security risks that can develop in a business which has aided me in my development.

After graduating, I moved into full-time work as an IT Engineer, which was really just Level 1/Level 2 tech support. This was for a large range of clients, from grandmas and grandpas who needed their WiFi turned back on, to full automation solutions for small to medium enterprises. I learnt a great deal about just how easy it is to take control of some systems, like how easy it is to call up a domain name provider and get a login for a customer’s hosting/DNS with next to no verification. 

I currently work as an information security consultant with firm with a focus on offensive security. I narrowly dodged being absorbed into Cyber CX.  

I have been involved in:

  • Penetration testing (OSWP, OSCP and CRT certified, ka-kaw)
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Various security assessments
  • SOC and SIEM services
  • Identity and Access Management solutions
  • Privileged Access Management solutions
  • Firewall services and solutions


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