About Me



My name is Billy Cody. 

I made this website mainly to keep track of my progress as I moved toward my end goal of become a professional penetration tester. I am now a penetration tester, so this site is now defunct. I update it now and then as the spirit grabs me.

My Experience


 TODO: Actually add my penetration testing experience. Meh, it’s on my resume. 

My career started as the tech manager of a startup, which has mostly consisted of automating tasks with scripts and programs, as well as building/rebuilding websites and implementing software solutions to help scale. This has made me very aware of the kinds of security risks that can develop in a business which has aided me in my development.

After graduating, I moved into full-time work as an IT Engineer, which was really just Level 1/Level 2 tech support. This was for a large range of clients, from grandmas and grandpas who needed their WiFi turned back on, to full automation solutions for small to medium enterprises. I learnt a great deal about just how easy it is to take control of some systems, like how easy it is to call up a domain name provider and get a login for a customer’s hosting/DNS with next to no verification. 

So far I have dodged becoming part of CyberCX and Accenture Security. I’ll miss you, Context Information Security.

I work for Volkis as a Senior Security Consultant. I work with some cool guys and get to break cool things. It’s a good gig.

I have been involved in:

  • Penetration testing (OSCE, OSCP, OSWP, CRT, almost CCT)
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Various security assessments
  • SOC and SIEM services
  • Identity and Access Management solutions
  • Privileged Access Management solutions
  • Firewall services and solutions


Study (deprecated)

 I graduated in 2017 with Bachelor of IT, majoring in Applied Computer Science and Networking & Security. I graduated with distinction and was awarded the Faculty Medal. 

I have a working and theoretical knowledge of networks and operating systems. I’ve spent most of my life as an end-user of Windows, and was introduced to Linux as both a client and server during my degree. I’ve since become much more proficient at Linux than Windows, which is something I need to work on fixing.

I have a basic-intermediate knowledge of programming and scripting. I’m most comfortable with:

  • HTML and CSS (does this count as programming?)
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • BASH
  • C and C++
  • Python

I’ve also used Haskell, Go, and Prolog. I honestly hate them.

Oh yeah. PowerShell can suck it. Those who like PowerShell are allowed to have their opinion, but their opinion is wrong.

.NET is the devil.

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