I’ve yet to do a blog on my home lab setup (mostly because I’ve been dicking around trying to get my server to work with a cheap wireless adapter), but I’ve managed to get my Windows machine to successfully connect to both my home WiFi and my lab network.

First thing’s first: let’s connect the two networks.

My home network is just WiFi, so I connected in the usual way. My lab network is over Ethernet, so I plugged that in. Wow, that was hard.

Problem: now I can’t use the Internet despite being still connected to WiFi.

Solution: make Windows machine prioritise wireless adapter over Ethernet adapter.

I spent too long dicking around trying to get the lab network to have the default gateway as my home router, but that added a huge amount of latency and was just disgusting. So do this instead.

Right click the WiFi (or whatever network you’re currently running):

Click that WiFi bad boi

Click “Open Network Internet Settings”:

Click dat Network Internet settings

Click “Change adapter options”:

Open dem adapter options

Now, the adapter with Internet access is what we want with the highest priority. Right click it and open its properties:

All dem adapters

Now we want to change the IPv4 properties, so click “Properties” after selecting “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4):

All dose properties

We want to change the metric, which is an advanced property. Click “Advanced”:

Keep going

By default, it’s set with an automatic metric. I disabled that and set it to 5. I could’ve set it to 1, but I set my VPN network to 1 for funsies (and because without that it crapped out my Internet.

Set it low

We’re not done yet. Repeat all of that for the lab network, but instead make the metric something super high (like 1000).

Woo. It should work.