Level Goal

The password for the next level is stored in a file somewhere under the inhere directory and has all of the following properties:

  • human-readable
  • 1033 bytes in size
  • not executable


Password: koReBOKuIDDepwhWk7jZC0RTdopnAYKh

Let’s take a look inside inhere.

Urgh. find please.

What I’m doing is checking that the file isn’t executable with ! -executable (! meaning not), checking that the size is 1033 bytes with -size 1033c (for whatever reason, b is 512-byte blocks and c is bytes), and then passing whatever results we get to file with -exec file {} \;.

Let’s look inside.

It’s padded with 1000 spaces (1033 – 32 [password] – 1 [newline]), just for funsies.