Level Goal

The password for the next level is stored somewhere on the server and has all of the following properties:

  • owned by user bandit7
  • owned by group bandit6
  • 33 bytes in size


Password: DXjZPULLxYr17uwoI01bNLQbtFemEgo7

Now our file is anywhere. Luckily, find is great at looking everywhere. I’m just gonna start search from the root folder /.

I’m using -user and -group to specify who the owner and group owner of the file are.

I’m redirecting all the errors I’m gonna get with 2>/dev/null (find loses its shit when it doesn’t have permission to search a folder). This redirects standard error (output stream 2) to /dev/null, also known as ‘The Abyss’.

Let’s see what’s inside.